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The cover of White Dwarf 285, models designed by Alan & Michael Perry.

White Dwarf 285 was released in September 2003. The editor was Paul Sawyer.


New Releases


  • Lure of the Gods: Paul Sawyer takes his new Chaos army to the Adepticon event in Chicago.
  • Warhammer Border Patrol: Rules, scenarios and sample army lists for a quick version of Warhammer.
  • The Bloodlands Campaign: Part two, containing an overview of role of the Campaign Referee and rules for setting up a campaign, minor realms and diplomacy.
  • Collecting a Beastmen Army: Anthony Reynolds plans his new Beastmen army.
  • West Yorkshire Battle Royale!: An event run by an independent stockist in Ilkley.

Battle Report

Painting Workshop

Modelling Workshop

  • Beastmen Herdstone: Studio terrain builder Mark Jones demonstrates how to create a herdstone from polystyrene.

'Eavy Metal Masterclass

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