White Dwarf 286

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The cover of White Dwarf 286.

White Dwarf 286 was first released in October 2003. The editor was Paul Sawyer.

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New Releases


  • The Battle of Sternburg: Background and scenario for the Battle of Sternburg.
  • Loremaster Malakhian's Undead Warhost: A look at Jesper Hansen's undead High Elf army, which won Best Painted Army at the recent Warhammer Grand Tournament.
  • The Bloodlands Campaign: Part three, explaining rules for terrain and fleets and a look at how Phil Kelly's Tomb Kings army is faring in the campaign.
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Jeff Wilson presents tactics for Wood Elves.
  • Jeff Wilson's Wood Elves: Some Wood Elf models from Jeff Wilson's collection.

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  • A showcase of award-winning models from around the world.

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