White Dwarf 293 (UK)

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White Dwarf 293
White Dwarf 293 cover.jpg
Released May 2004
Preceded by White Dwarf 292
Followed by White Dwarf 294


  • Games Workshop News, pgs. 04-11

"New Warhammer 40,000 announced!"

  • New Releases, pgs. 12-15

"All of this month's latest releases. "

"A storm is approaching the world of Warhammer..."

"Dark tidings continue as the Dark Elves ally with Slaanesh."

  • The Future of Epic (Epic: Armageddon), pgs. 40-43

"Further army lists for your game of Epic: Armageddon."

  • Collecting a Witch Hunters Army (Warhammer 40,000), pgs. 44-47

"An in-depth look at a Witch Hunters army."

  • Inquisitors of the Ordo Hereticus (Warhammer 40,000), pgs. 48-51

"Converting Inquisitorial retinues."

  • Liber Sororitas (Warhammer 40,000), pgs. 54-57

"An in-depth look at the Sisters of Battle."

  • Battle Report: Faith is our Shield (Warhammer 40,000) pgs. 60-81

"Witch Hunters take on Tau in this month's Battle Report."

  • A New Gaming Experience, pgs. 84-88

"Examining the gaming facilities that Games Workshop Hobby Centre now offer."

"Jeff Leong's analysis of Deployment."

"Chaos coolness, an Ork ship and Sigmar!"

  • Index Malleus: Blood Pact (Warhammer 40,000), pgs. 96-99

"Dan Abnett looks into the bloody history of these dangerous fanatics."

  • Collectors' Guides, pgs. 100-101

"Every miniature you need in one handy book."

  • The Outriders Gathering, pgs. 106-111

"Who are the mysterious Outriders and what do they do?"

  • The Lord of the Rings, pgs. 115-135

"Rules for Legolas's father Thranduil and his Elven host; how to build a Rohan watch tower; and a scenario featuring the Corsairs of Umbar."

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