White Dwarf 321 (UK)

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White Dwarf 321
White Dwarf 321 cover.jpg
Released September 2006
Preceded by White Dwarf 320
Followed by White Dwarf 322


  • New Releases, pg. 02
  • News, pg. 20
  • Warhammer! Designers Notes, pg. 25
  • The Two Towers: The Siege of Helm's Deep, pg. 58
  • Citadel Toolbox, pg. 71
  • Standard Bearer, pg. 72
  • The Kappa Mortis Incident, pg. 76
  • Eavy Metal: The Blarog, pg. 82
  • Modelling Workshop: ork Town, pg. 86
  • Eavy Metal: The Inquisition, pg. 92
  • Games Day Survival Guide, pg. 98
  • Wrath of the Asrai, pg. 102
  • War begins instore, pg. 108
  • Frontline, pg. 115
  • Ordering Direct, pg. 124


Citizens of the Old World rejoice! Warhammer has been reborn, and it's the best it has ever been. As summer draws to a close, the campaigning season in the Warhammer World begins afresh. Mighty armies march across burning landscapes to lay waste to their foes, the air crackles with magic, and great beasts soar into the skies! Ah, there is precious little in this world more pleasing to my eyes than seeing two huge, brilliantly painted armies of Citadel Miniatures slugging it out. Old hands will find Warhammer largely unaltered, bar a few crucial tweaks. These changes make for a smoother, faster yet more tactically satisfying experience without meaning you have to scrap your favourite force -your existing armies remain compatible with the rules set. Of course, we labour night and day to create new army books and models, and the first of these comes out only next month. Don't forget also the amazing collectors' and gamers' editions of the rules. These are available in strictly limited numbers, so get them now if you want them for your treasure hoard. Whether you're a veteran of a million campaigns or a Warhammer novice, then I also heartily recommend The Battle for Skull Pass. Among the box's 100+ miniatures there are plenty of Dwarfs, and they are best army in the world. So speaks Grombindal! .

~ Grombrindal.

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