White Dwarf 331 (UK)

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White Dwarf 331
White Dwarf 331 cover.jpg
Released July 2007
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Preceded by White Dwarf 330
Followed by White Dwarf 332


  • New Releases, p.2
  • News, p.10
  • Mighty Empires, p.15
  • Warhammer: Might of the Empire, p.28
  • Battle Report, p.44
  • Dragons of Middle-Earth, p.62
  • Codex: Blood Angels, Part 2, p.70
  • Standard Bearer, p.84
  • Citadel Toolbox, p.87
  • Modelling Workshop: Desert Boards, p.90
  • Frontline, p.99

Contents from paralell issues

White Dwarf 330 (US)

  • Armies on the Road - A showcase of models from the Chicago Area


Once the Dwarfs ruled a mighty realm, an empire of towering peaks and deep shadowed valleys. Those days are long gone, but the kings of the Dwarfs long to reclaim their heritage. This month it looks as if the dreams of the Dwarfs may come true! Mighty Empires is a brand new map-building kit that lets you create a campaign setting for your games of Warhammer. Each player in the game starts off with a territory that they hope to build into a sprawling realm. But you will not be the only one with territorial ambitions, as your opponents also have dreams of conquest. These differences must be settled upon the Warhammer battlefield! Each game of Warhammer you play has consequences; victory will enable you to expand your realm, while defeat may see your cities sacked and mines pillaged! I plan to gather a great throng and reclaim the realm of the Dwarfs for myself. What will you do? Empire armies are swelled with a whole raft of releases this month, too: Flagellants, Battle Wizards, and a kit that makes either a Helblaster Volley Gun or a Helstorm Rocket Battery. These manling war machines are unproven in my Dwarf eyes, but they seem to be quite destructive, as you can see in our Nemesis Crown battle report on page 46.

~ Grombrindal.

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