White Dwarf 96 (UK)

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White Dwarf 96
Cover Artist Iain McCaig
Released December 1987
Preceded by White Dwarf 95
Followed by White Dwarf 97

White Dwarf 096 UK


  • Chapter Approved
    • Mechanicus Armouries MK14 Jet-Cycle 'Bullock'
    • The Raven Wing: Dark Angels 7th Company of MK-14 Riders
    • Psykers are Dangerous: Rulebook errata for Level 2 Telepathy & Teleport

'Eavy Metal

  • Squad of Space Marines, one with Missile
  • Space Orks Command Group
  • Space Zoats
  • 3 Ork Warriors miniatures in Blanch Itsu
  • Space Dwarfs Command Group (8 miniatures)
  • Space Dwarf Heavy Weapon Crews (6 miniatures)

Miniature Catalogue

Additional Information

  • ISSN 0265-8712

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