Winter of Woe

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The Winter of Woe occured in IC -1125. The Forest of Athel Loren during the winter months is virtually dormant, the mighty Forest Spirits slumber away the long, dark nights. Taking advantage of this weakness massive hordes of Orcs and Goblins poured down from the mountains and began burning the ancient trees and hunting the forest's inhabitants. The Wood Elves naturally oppossed the Orcs, but so many were there that the Greenskins eventually came before the mighty Oak of Ages itself, deep in the heart of the forest. Just when the situation seemed lost, a mighty horn sounded throughout the forest, and a gigantic form crashed through the woods. Recognising the furious warrior as the Elven god Kurnous the Elves charged the Orc lines filled with a primal energy gifted by this new arrival. The living embodiment of the Hunter-god massacred countless Orcs and when sunset came, not a single Greenskin remained alive. The remaining Elves followed the path of destruction wrought by their god back to the mighty Oak of Ages and found the enthroned figures of Orion and Ariel who had become living aspects of the Elven Gods Kurnous and Isha, all the Wood Elves paid homage to their saviours, now the King and Queen of Athel Loren.


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