Withered Eye Tribe

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The Withered Eye Tribe is a Savage Orc tribe in the Shardback Mountains. [1a]

They are shunned by other greenskins, having been tainted by warpstone dust and frenzied even by other orcs standards. [1a]


When the vast horde of Tamurkhan entered their lands, they did not hesitate in attacking them, led by their warboss, Gul Gorg. Massively outnumbered, they crashed into the Marauder vanguard, killing and being killed before the main force arrived. Gorg and his Wyvern were torn aprt in the air by Orhbal Vipergut and his Chaos Dragon Corrasun and the remaining orcs were slaughted by the hrode. [1a]

The orc corpses would provide welcome food for the Nurgle army whils tthe great idols of Gork and Mork were thrown down and replaced by mounds of the dead dedicated to the Dark Gods of Chaos. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

They use obsidian axes. [1a]


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