Wolfram Hertwig

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Wolfram Hertwig was an Elector Count of Ostermark, Chancellor of the League of Ostermark, and Prince of Bechafen.[1a][2a]

He is most famous for what is now known as the Battle of Hertwig's Folly. This happened in 2485 IC, when he was a teenager. He refused to allow the much more experienced Grand Master Kessler of the Knights of the Everlasting Light to command his army. In return, Grand Master Kessler withheld his troops from battle. The resulting bloodbath saw Hertwig barely escape with his life.[2b]

During the End Times, Hertwig was killed at the Battle of Alderfen, but not before managing to slay a champion of Nurgle with his Runefang[3]

The chancellor had a younger brother, Matteus.[1b] His Griffon, Bloodfeather, succumbed to the plague shortly before Hertwig's death.[3]