Worlds Edge Mountains

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The Worlds Edge Mountains are the greatest range of mountains in the Warhammer world, stretching from the northern Old World to the Southlands, and forming a natural and insurmountable barrier between the Old World and the Dark Lands. Its tallest peaks tower almost fifty thousand feet above the plains below[1]. The great height of the mountains makes the range impassable except across the mountain passes. The whole mountain range is undercut by ancient underground passageways built by the Dwarfs which allow passage beneath the mountains.

In the distant past the mountain range was the site of the Dwarf empire. During this time numerous fortress cities known as the Dwarfholds were built into the rock in the mountains.

Known Features

From north to south:

  • The Mountains of Norsca
  • High Pass
Kislev-Dark Lands pass
ruined Dwarf hold built into Red Eye Mountain[4]
  • The Vale of Bones
Skaven Lair
  • Silver Pinnacle[5]
  • Peak Pass
Empire-Dark Lands pass
Dwarf hold along Peak Pass
  • The Rib Peaks[6]
  • Oakenhammer
Dwarf outpost Northwest of Zhufbar
site of former Dwarf Hold[8]
  • Cragmere
  • The Lair of Clan Ferrik
  • Moonstone Mountain
Skaven Lair
  • Black Falls[9]
  • Black Fire Pass, Empire-Border Princes passage in the southern Old World, where the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Black Mountains divide.
  • Karaz-a-Karak[10]
  • The Pillars of Grungni
  • Mount Silverspear
  • Deadrock Gap
  • Glowpit
Skaven Lair
  • Blizzard Gap[11]
  • Mad Dog Pass
From the Border Princes to the Dark Lands.[12]
  • Troll Zags
Near the base of Mad Dog Pass
  • Skullreach Cavern
Skaven Lair
  • Clan Krizzor Lair[13]
  • Iron Rock
Orc fortress
  • Thunder Mountain
A volcano[14]
  • Mount Squighorn
  • The Trail of Fangs
  • Groz Drung[15]
  • Death Pass
Badlands-Dark Lands passage
Former Dwarf hold, now an orc fortress known as Black Crag
Skaven Lair
Dwarf hold built into Iron Peak
  • The Lost Archway of Valaya
  • Dragon Crag
  • Crooked Fangfort
  • Grimmaz Drakk
  • Blackgouge
Skaven Lair


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