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Wurtbad is the capital of Stirland, as well as its largest city. It is located where the Old Dwarf Road crosses the River Stir. It is home to the current Elector Count of Stirland, Alberich Haupt-Anderssen.[1a][1c]

Wurtbad is a center of trade, especially wine. It also has numerous hot springs.[1c]


During the first war against the Vampire Counts of Sylvania the city has a huge influx of Tilean mercenaries, and in 2011 IC (Imperial Calendar) a great temple to Myrmidia is created for them. [2a]

Known Features

  • Eagle Castle[1d]
  • The Golden Eagle Inn: A favorite inn amongst visiting nobles. [1c]
  • Grossweg Bridge: A bridge over the River Stir. [1b]
  • The Temple of Myrmidia: Created to give mercenaries a place to worship with a domed ceiling painted with a famous fresco, Myrmidia at the Tree of Hope by Leonardo da Miragliano himself - his last commission before entering the Emperor’s service. [2a]