Xeros Stormcloud

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Xeros Stormcloud is a Lord-Relictor of the Bear-Eaters, a Warrior-Chamber of the Astral Templars Stormhost. [1]


A tall man, his skin reddish and dark in tone who keeps his head shaved bald. His armour is festooned with the skinned carcasses of animals and birds as well as glyphs of rebirth, the stormcast and death. A mummified human is encased in his reliquary staff, clutching a sword and with the remains of a elaborate animal skin headdress. [1a]


As a mortal, he had been a vizier and shaman of great power. It was rumoured that he been a destroyer and enslaver of whole kingdoms as well as leading orgies of human blood sacrifice. [1a]


Conquest and murder is Sigmar's work. From across the Pantheon he drew the gifts that went into the making of the Stormcast Eternals, and from those who did not give freely enough he too, by deception or force. That is the god we serve, brother and it is my great honour to do so. I would kill his foes in his beds, hack them from their mothers' bellies if I could not tell friend from foe therein and Sigmar would not dissuade me from it. He would not care if we slaughter these beasts and their allies with arrow or hammer or with our own two hands.

~Xeros to Hamilcar Bear-Eater .[1a]