Xian Ha Feng

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Xian Ha Feng was a scion of the Imperial Court of Cathay and Ambassador to Lahmia. [1a]


A handsome young man clad in robes of yellow and blue, the outer robe embroidered with scaled serpents. He also wore golden artificial fingernail caps, a gold circlet and had his hair oiled and tied back in a topknot. [1a]


He was sent as an ambassador to Lahmia in -1600 IC, staying for several months to broaden his education of foreign cultures but he also informed Neferata that the Celestial Empire was creating huge new gold mines. This, the queen knew meant they would be unable to pay back the vast sum still owed to Cathay for the Dragon-men. [1a]

In -1597 IC, following the death of her husband, Neferata took the throne and met again with the Prince who informed her that the final payment was due but would need to be triple to satisfy the terms of the deal. She sent away all his retinue save for Naaima and offered him eternal life rather than the gold, but also asked for the woman to remain as sureity - Xian gifted her to the queen, whilst he left to consider the offer. [1b]

Queen Neferata sought to use him to gain a foothold in Cathay and he returned home with several vials of her blood, but he disappeared in a civil war around -1595 IC and all contact and trade with Cathay ceased for a full century. [1c]


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