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Zandri is a city within Nehekhara, far to the south. It is part of the empire of the Tomb Kings of Khemri and was the first city built.

It is located about 600 miles north west of Khemri in the delta region of the Great Mortis River where it enters the Great Ocean and the delta is filled with wrecks of those who have attacked the port to plunder its riches. Fleets still set sail from the city to conquer the lands of the living. [3c]

It is within 100 miles of the Swamp of Terror and as such faced terrible pestilence after the spell cast by Nagash desolated the land. Like its sister city, Numas, it suffered greatly when the lands were poisoned and its crops died. Although Zandri had access to the coast and sea foods its population suffered horribly.


It was built by King Zakash and is said that letters and writing were invented here.

Zandri was first conquered by Settra, like the rest of Nehekhara. [3a] Eventually the city rebelled and followed Prince Ahtaf I, who later became king. Later King Khetep conquered Zandri, like all of Nehekhara, and its people prospered like never before under his rule.

In -2225 IC there was strife in the Necropolis of Zandri.

In the 44th year of Khsar the Faceless (-1968 IC), the army of Zandri defeated that of Khemri, killing King Khetep. [4a] They dispatched a delegation t his funeral as did other city-states, [4b] returning noblemen captured in the recent battle and a trio of Druchii prisoners as an offering to tend the dead king in the afterlife. [4c]

By -1966 IC, the centre of power in Nehekhara was beginning to shift with dignitaries from Bel Aliad, Bhagar Lybaras and Rasetra moving to to Zandri. [4f] In -1959, King Nekumet convinced the other cities to raise tariffs on trade with Khemri. [4g]

In -1950 IC, the city was stormed by the army of Khemri under Nagash, having hidden his army in ffteen huge cargo hauling vessels and sailed into the port. The sack of Zandri lasted three brutal days as the city was pillaged of anything valuable and the noble families enslaved, all being loaded onto the cargo haulers which returned to Khemri. Nagash then marched his warriors out of the east gate in pursuit of Nekumet and his army who were being harressed by Arkhan's cavalry. [4h]

The army of Zandri surrender after their nothern mercenaries flee due to ghostly visions and doom laden portents. The survivors are enslaved and King Nekumet was dispatched back to his shattered home on the black of a flea-bitten mule and dressed in a sack cloth. [4i]

Following the Battle of Oasis of Zedri in -1750 IC, Amn-nasir, the Priest King of Zandri was summoned to Khemri by Nagash with the twin kings of Numas. There they were told of the fall of Quatar to the enemies of Nagash. When Nagash commanded them to raise their armies, they countered that the many years of tribute meant it would take further years to rebuild them. He promised to give them time [4d] and conjured a red rain that fell across the enemy cities, bringing sickness to their people. [4e]

Teremun was king in -1597 when Neferata claimed the throne of Lahmia and he hastened to greet her with gifts, athough his delegation was plagued by bandits on their journey. [6a]

In -1350 IC The city reduced its annual tribute to Lahmia, citing issues with pirates damaging the slave trade but their navy remained strong and there had not been a pirate in their waters for more than a century. [6b]

When in -1200 IC, Alcadizzar united the cities against Lahmia, King Rakh-an-atum brought 4000 spearmen, 2000 archers and 5000 northern barabarian mercenaries to join the Siege of Lahmia. He also carried gifts, silver and gold for the kings and a pearl necklace for queen Omorose. [3a]

Zandri expands north in -1188 IC, seeking to increase its reach for the slave trade but in Khemri and Zhandri go to war in -1168 IC and after a long campaign Alcadizzar conquers it, discovering a starving people and empty coffers. The king of Khemri spends years rebuilding it and restoring order as King Rakh-an-atum flees with his nobles. [3b]

In -455 IC Both Zandri and Numas rebelled, attempting to rid themselves of Settra again, but failed after a battle that lasts seven days and nights. Their kings, Qu'a and King Rapesh of Numas are burnt and their pyramids destroyed. [3d]

King Behedesh of Zandri destroys the Gouging Tusk Orc tribe and the Black Wolves Goblins during the Chariot Wars of -236 - 241 IC. [3d]

  • Year 2588 - The desert dwellers came and desecrated the Necropolis of Zandri and slew many Liche Priests.
  • Year 2603 - An army of numerous armoured warriors came from the direction of the desert dwellers and fought against the rulers of Zandri, despoiling the city and stealing scrolls.
  • Year 3656 - The Tilites came and despoiled the tombs of the Necropolis of Zandri. Two kings fought, King Behedesh and King Memnesh.

King Amenemhetum, who built vast fleets to sail and conquer the seas in the name of Ualatrp the Vulture God. Under his rule the city became extremely wealthy [2a] and he also created the Standard of the Sands, giving his forces an advantage over their enemies. Later, one of the inscriptions in his tomb was translated by Alun Gartner, a denizen of the Old World.

He remained content to be the ruler of the seas as the other kings fought each other for dominance. His ships roam across the world seeking treasure and many pirate vessels have been destroyed attacking them, wrecks of many littering the Mortis Delta. [2a][3c]

A Black Ark attacks the city in 1167 IC, but its war Hydras are dragged into the river and drowned by Necrolith Colossi. [3d]

Prince Giovanni Lanfranchi mistakenly lands his crusading army on the northern coast of Nehekhara in the 15th Century IC. They plunder the ancient tombs, obtaining vast amounts of gold as well as scrolls dating back to time of Nagash before continuing inland into Araby to join the main crusade. [5a]

In 2480 IC Count Schuvaltz, ruler of one of the Border Princes led an expedition to plunder the tombs of Zandri which reached the necropolis of Prince Anera-kotrak before the denzins began to awaken and attacked the invaders. Although initially the mercenaries led by the Count fought their way through the undead, the were quickly overwhelmed and their bones left to bleach in the sun. [1a]



The city of Zandri was dedicated to the god Ualatp, the vulture god.

Towering Ushabti known as the Lions of the Sand guard the Temple District with the most numerous being the jackel headed warriors of Djaf. [8a]


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