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Count Zernmeister is a Abhorrant Ghoul King who holds court in the Schloss Wolfhof in the Realm of Shyish [1]

He appears as a twisted monster, draped in rotting velvet and with a too small crown of tarnished metal.[1]

His heir is the prince of Wolhof, an ogor sized creature, splinters of bone piercing its flesh and with some talent in playing the harpsichord. [1]

Zernmeister considers Nagash his sovereign lord and early in the Age of Sigmar he hosted a meeting between Lord-Celestant Makvar, Nagash and Neferata following the relief of Nulahmia.[1]


You pay them a grand kindness, leaving them with their illusions. When a wretched reality persists beyond its time, there are many who would find succour in madness.

~ Nagash.[1]