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Zlatlan is a temple-city of the Lizardmen, located in the Southlands. [3a]

Zlatan would be unknown outside of the Lizardmen's world, were it not for the Arabyan merchant and scholar Ibn Jellaba, who discovered the city in 1150 IC, or the Cathayan captain Yin-Tuan, who narrowly avoided sacrifice in Zlatlan in 1690 IC, following Dragon Emperor Wu's failed invasion of the Southlands.[1b][1d]

The Dwarfs of Karak Zorn may have made contact with the Lizardmen of Zlatlan, but if they did it was not recorded in any of the known Dwarf sagas.[1b]


It is said to have been founded before the Old Ones separated the Southlands from Lustria, forming the World Pond.[2] The Slann of the Third Spawning created it along with Quetza and Tlaxtlan but after Itza, the First City and several others. [1e]

Following the collapse of the Warp gates, Xholankha, one of the oldest of the Mage Priests destroys all the Daemon legions in the Southlands but at the expense of his own life. [2a]

Around -2000 IC there is strife with the Dwarfs of Karak Zorn. [1d][2a]

When Clan Pestilens was washed up on their shores, Sotek himself protected the city even as it mobilised for war. Pestilens instead made for their kin's strongholds as if they were unaware of Zlatlan and attacked the other skaven. [1c]

In 1150 IC Lord Xuaxmul dispatched an army under Yniminhi to recover the mummified remains of a mage-priest from a Tomb King who had raided the city thousands of years before. The attack was made possible by the maps and documents supplied by Ibn Jellaba who also accompanied the army and recorded the battle for his sultan. [1a]


The Slann of the city are unable to use telepathy to communicate with the those of Lustria due to the curvature of the world. Therefore they make their own calculations and interpretations of the Great Plan of the Old Ones and these do not always agree with those of the Lustrian Slann. They also have a much more complete set of sacred plaques as many have been stolen from those in Lustria. [1c]


Although the Slann of Zlatlan are cut off from their Lustrian counterparts, due to the isolation of the temple-city the plaque sequence of Zlatlan is almost, if not completely, intact. One result of this is that the Slann of Zlatlan knew of the Prophecy of Sotek long before the Lustrian Slann. When the Skaven of Clan Pestilens washed up on the shores of the Southlands Sotek is said to have encircled Zlatlan to protect it from their plagues. It is believed by the Mage-Priests that the Serpent God then drove the ratmen insane so they turned upon their own kind. The Cult of Sotek has great power in Zlatlan, and it is said that one hundred Skaven are sacrificed in the city every day.[1c][3a]


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