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Zodiac Godbeasts, Zodiacal Monsters or simply Godbeasts are monstrous constellations of the Mortal Realms.[3][6]

Some were part of the Grand Alliance of Sigmar.[1b]

Known Godbeasts

  • Argentine, the Silver Wyrm: The warpfire breath of this zodiacal serpent heats the Great Crucible creating rivers of silver that run through the Hanging valleys.[2b]
  • Auroxis, the World-Beast: Felled by Sigmar during the Age of Myth.[8b]
  • Behemat, the World Titan: A colossal creature of living stone that slumbers in Ghyran. Also called the Star Gargant and is rumoured to be the ancestor of Aleguzzler Gargants.[4][6]
  • Chimerac: A monstrous constellation.[3]
  • Dracothion, the Great Drake: Friend of Sigmar since he found him on Mallus.[1a]
  • Fangathrak, the Mawgate: On it's gullet resides the All-Gate of Ghur.[8c]
  • Gnorros, the Father of Hydragors: A godbeast that attacked Sigmar during the Age of Myth.[8d]
  • Hydragos: A monstrous constellation.[3]
  • Ignax, the Solar Drake: A massive serpentine beast formerly imprisoned in the Ashlands of Aqshy. Ignax was freed and corrupted by Archaon.[4]
  • Kharybtar: The Father of Kharibdysses, a shard of the Aelf god Khaine fell into its lair from where it was reclaimed by Morathi.[7]
  • Lode-Griffon: A menace of the Spiral Crux. Died to Tzeentch trickery, signalling the Age of Chaos in the Realm of Chamon.[8a]
  • Nharvolak: The dweller beneath the waves which in the Age of Myth used to rise and attack cities and cilisations every five hundred years until defeated by Sigmar.[9]
  • Nyxtor: The father of the seventeen-headed heptadecagors.[5]
  • Ur-Phoenix: Master of the Phoenix Temple.
  • Vulcatrix, the Mother of Salamanders, the Ur-Salamander: The fire wyrm that first birthed flame into the worlds. Slain by Grimnir.[1c][3]
  • Vytrix, the Crystal Cockatrice: The zodiacal creature that devours the silver rivers of Anvrok. [2a]
  • Ymnog, Father of Gargants: The zodiacal sire of Behemat, slain by Sigmar during the Age of Myth.[4]


There are several creatures who have not been called Zodiac Godbeasts or sinonyms, but might be as they share traits or have similar titles as them. The following is a speculative list of possible godbeasts:


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