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Lexicanum is a BoLS Interactive LLC project for the curation of the most complete as possible encyclopedia of the two universes of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy.

Lexicanum uses Wiki-technology as a tool for co-operation between authors. Wikis are websites which allow each user to alter the content without having to register. Everyone can write new articles or alter already existing ones.

All who work on Lexicanum commit themselves to publish information with respect to the copyrights and intellectual property of Games Workshop.


At present there is an English, German and French Lexicanum to allow specialisation in different languages.

The contents of the encyclopediae are not identical however, as each one is a representation of the collective works of the language group.


A large problem with Wiki-principles is that anyone can edit a page, so information can never be guaranteed to be correct. The wiki compensates for this by allowing anyone to edit a page, as the error's will eventually be found and changed to bring the information up to a good standard. Thus, articles improve over time but not necessarily instantly.

Readers and authors can view the history of any article to see how it has changed over time. They can therefore create a more comprehensive picture of the trustworthyness of the information on the wiki. Also, a discussion page allows any user to ask questions about the validity of the information, although spamming will not be tolerated.

Project Organisation

In Lexicanum, there is no editor in chief in the traditional sense. Administrators are normal people who take part in the creation process, although any page can be created by anyone at any time. Anyone has the right to change any article at any time as they desire. Users who wish can be entered into the formal process for creating Administrators. They only gain a small number of extra options and have no extra power to decide than a normal user. These powers include:

  • They can close articles to prevent them from being edited, sometimes to protect the information on the aticle from alteration in the case of a dispute or if the information is important to stay the same. This also helps to prevent vandalism.
  • They may delete articles. This allows them to intervene on articles which break copyright laws and remove undesired advertisment etc.
  • They can block users who repetedly spam the wiki for periods of time ranging from 1 day to the rest of time.


Lexicanum works on the basis of the software MediaWiki.

This article is based on the article Über Wikipedia from the free encyclopedia Wikipedia and falls under the GNU licence for free documentation. In Wikipedia is a list of authors available, there one can edit the article.