Bloodbath at Orcs Drift

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Bloodbath at Orcs Drift
Bloodbath at Orcs Drift 2 Cover.jpg
Author(s) Gary Chalk, Joe Dever, Ian Page
Cover Artist Gary Chalk
Illustrator(s) Gary Chalk, maps by David Andrews
Released 1985
Pages 22

Blood Bath at Orc's Drift is a scenario pack Warhammer Fantasy Battle (2nd Edition) produced by Citadel Miniatures.


  • Blood Bath at Orc's Drift, pg. 5
  • Gamesmasters Campaign Brief, pg. 7
  • Kachas Pass, pg. 10
  • Ashak Rise, pg. 13
  • Linden Way, pg. 15
  • Orc's Drift, pg. 18
  • The Buildings, pg. 21