Bottle Tower

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The Bottle Tower of Grimnyth the Great is a powerful magical artefact. [1a]

It is impervious to breakage and is mentioned in many hsitories of magic as an supreme example of the art of wizardy. [1a]


A beautiful blue crystal bottle with six brass finger rings around its neck. [1a]


Anyone taking one of the rings and putting them on will find that they fit perfectly but they will also be transported within the bottle, finding themselves in a large tower. There they are completly safe but are unable to percieve anything beyond it. [1a]

Tower Layout

The Bottle Tower consists of five rooms. [1a]

  • Basement: It contains a variety of storage devices - chests, boxes, trunks etc as well as odd artefacts such as rocking horses, stuffed crocodiles. [1a]
  • Entry Room: A round room with four bunk beds, a table and chairs - a spiral staircase at the centre. [1a]
  • First Floor: A finely furnished living quarter designed for the creator of the bottle. There are sofa's, four poster bed, carpets and tapestries from Araby as well as a privy which opens several hundred feet above the northern Chaos Wastes! [1a]
  • Second Floor: A libary with many rare books of lore as well as fiction, poetry and plays. [1a]
  • Third Floor: Alchemical laboratory with a crystal orb that can be persuaded to show the exterior. [1a]