Corpse Run

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A stretch of the Aver Reach river, the Corpse Run forms a nauseating barrier between the south of Sylvania and Averland.[1a][2a]

Upstream in the Worlds Edge Mountains, melting snow and spring floods often wash through burial grounds, both new and ancient. By a quirk of the flow of the Aver Reach, bones and body parts are often deposited around a small island south west of Ghoul Wood. The bottom of this unwholesome stream is littered with bones polished smooth, along with rotting limbs and disfigured heads. [2a]

Tainted with warpstone dust, Corpse Run is now home to many mutated fish,[1a] which feed upon the corrupted corpses to grow into monstrous carnivorous terrors. Driven into a frenzy by the smell of flesh, these creatures have been known to leap from the water to attack people - even the most foolhardy fisherman steers clear of Corpse Run![2a]

The warpstone also infects the bodies of the dead, and on occasion they rise from their watery graves to attack nearby villages. [1a]Zombies hung with dirty grey weeds and gnawed by fish drag themselves up the riverbank to waylay travelers. Skeletons covered in algae and encrusted with filth lurch mindlessly along the river road. [2a]


During Konrad von Carstein's attacks upon Averland, the Vampire's thrall Necromancers commanded the Undead creatures of Corpse Run. They directed the river-dead into towns and villages to spread chaos, terror and disease, paving the way for Konrad's relentless advances.[2a]