Iron Orc

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Iron Orcs are a variety of Greenskin found in the mountains of the Bretonnian province of Carcassone. They reinforce the ranks of ordinary Orc hordes and surpass even the famed Black Orcs in strength. However, the veracity of these claims is dubious, with many suggesting that they may merely serve as a narrative to support Carcassonnian demands for reduced taxes.[1]


Iron Orcs resemble Black Orcs clad in plate armor but lacking helmets. Exhibiting superior speed, strength, armor, and savagery than Black Orcs, but much less intelligent, Iron Orcs typically serve under the command of Black Orc leaders, and unsettling reports suggest a potential increase in their numbers. This development has raised concerns, particularly among figures like Duke Huebald, who views the rising presence of Iron Orcs with apprehension.[1]

The suits of armor Iron Orcs are named for are comparable to full plate armor. Upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that the armor is seamlessly integrated into their skin, sparking the rumor among knights that these Iron Orcs are somehow corrupted by Chaos. Their favored weapons, Big Choppas, are so large and unwieldy that only Iron Orcs have been seen using them, and when carried by anyone else they count as Great Weapons.[1]

Only natives of Carcassonne have reported sightings of the Iron Orcs, while those in neighboring territories, including Tileans who share a border through the Irrana Mountains, such as the Tileans in the Irrana Mountains, have seen nothing.[1]