Omens of War

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Omens of War
Omens of War cover.JPG
Cover Artist Daarken
Released 2010
Pages 48
ISBN 978-1-58994-818-1

Omens of War is a Supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition). It provides background material conflicts in the Old World as well as new and expanded rules on mounted combat, fighting styles and enhance cards, and Chaos.


  • A Land of Strife
  • War Across the Empire
  • War Across the Old World
  • Knights of the Empire
  • Expanded Rules


I contend that the history of the knight can be traced back to the twelve tribes who settled in these lands around three thousand years ago. The Sapherian historian Allurian notes in his Elven War Studies that there has, for millennia, been an elven tradition of shock cavalry units. He posits that, as elves lived in the Old World when humans first settled there, the tribesmen may have copied the idea, or the concept may have been preserved down the centuries through oral tales and ‘ folk memory’. If correct, this theory suggests that the knightly orders of our glorious Empire share a common lineage with the finest of elven cavalry, such as the illustrious silver helms.

The Invincible Armies of the Empire, by Bertram Lehrer.