Shrines of Sigmar

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Shrines of Sigmar
Shrines of Sigmar cover.jpg
Author(s) Simon Wileman
Editor(s) Síne Quinn, Christopher Walz
Released 2021
Pages 15

A supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd that provides background and adventure hooks for five Shrines of Sigmar.


  • Shrines of Sigmar, pg. 1
    • The Steinplatz Shrine, pg. 4
    • The Shrine of Uathach, pg. 6
    • The Hammer's Stand, pg. 9
    • The Abandoned Shrine of Lowengen, pg. 11
    • The Sumpftor Shrine, pg. 13


The Empire is riddled with shrines to its Warrior-God. They are found on busy street corners, on lonely stretches of road deep in the forest, and in the homes of the devout. A Sigmarite shrine is smaller than a temple and usually has no attendant priest. They can take many forms, from a rough-hewn idol to an elaborate edifice housing devotional art.

~ Shrines of Sigmar.[1]