Vampire Wars (anthology)

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Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars cover.jpg
Author(s) Steven Savile

Vampire Wars is a anthology of novels about wars of the von Carsteins.

It is part of the Warhammer Chronicles series.


It contains the following:


The von Carsteins were the most infamous bloodline of vampires to ever stalk the Warhammer Old World. Their very names – Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred – were whispered in fear by the people of the Empire, conjuring up images of doom, death and destruction. Charting the vampire family's rise to power in the shadow-haunted lands of Sylvania and their century-spanning wars with the Empire, this omnibus edition collects all three of Steven Savile’s classic von Carstein novels into one gore-drenched volume.

~ Black Library.[1]

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