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Games Workshop produced two boxed sets for first edition Warhammer, first published July 1983:

  • Warhammer, subtitled "the Mass Combat Fantasy Role-Playing Game".
  • Forces of Fantasy, subtitled "a Warhammer Supplement".

1st Edition is called the "White Box Edition" by hobbyists for its simple, plain white boxes of the Regiments of Renown as well as for the book-shaped boxes of the Game Warhammer and the supplement Forces of Fantasy. Both boxed sets contained three volumes each (see below).

The Book of Battalions was a booklet which contained a collection of army lists for the 1st edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and was published as a complement - not as an official supplement. It contained sample army lists of Warhammer gamers, including the Perry Twins, Bryan Ansell, Nigel Stillman and Rick Priestley for the 1st Edition.

A Boxed Game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles which includes dice, miniatures and other gaming devices was released, like since the 4th Edition, although Army Books where unknown at this time.