Black Fire Pass (book)

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Black Fire Pass
Black Fire Pass cover.JPG
Cover Artist Clint Langley
Released 2011
Pages 47
ISBN 978 1 58994 815 0

Black Fire Pass is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition) describing the infamous Black Fire Pass


  • Chapter 1: A History of Bloodshed
  • Chapter 2: Geography of the Pass
  • Chapter 3: Adventures in the Pass
  • Chapter 4: Harrower of Thanes


Black Fire Pass has seen the best of us and it has seen the worst as well. Its history is written in the blood of our people, and though it makes us rich I still hold that we have paid a heavy price for our proximity to that bleak and terrible place.

Ludwig von Hoss, A History of the Province of Averland, Volume XIX.