Drachenfels (Novel)

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Schwert, Pergament & Sanduhr.jpg This article is about the novel.
For other uses of Drachenfels, see Drachenfels (disambiguation).
Drachenfels cover.jpg
Author(s) Jack Yeovil
Editor(s) David Pringle
Cover Artist Ian Miller
Illustrator(s) Martin McKenna
Released 1989
Pages 247
ISBN 1 85515 001 8
Followed by Genevieve Undead

Drachenfels is a novel by Jack Yeovil, the first in his series featuring the vampire Genevieve Dieudonne.

Cover Description

The Warhammer world is a land of grim fantasy and perilous adventure, threatened by the Dark Powers. This dark tale of magic and horror is the first story of Detlef Sierck, greatest playwright and impresario in the Warhammer world.

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