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This category is for novels who have been published in the form of trade paperback (short: TBP), books, and hardback (short: HB) telling stories of the Warhamer Fantasy universe.

Normally the trade paperback are pocket-sized (and are the smallest of them all). Another distinction is made with the cover. The softer trade paperback and the hardback.

  • Always categorize such articles with Category:Novels.
  • Images of the covers can be found in (and should be sorted into) Category:Novels images (look below).

To keep it simple you are advised to choose among the following titles: "title" (anthology), "title" (novel), and finally "title" (novel series).

  • A collection of short-stories published a single volume should receive a "title" (anthology).
It is basicly a collection of short-stories telling different tales not related to each other in any significant way. Even if there was more than a single edition (and even if the second edition had additional stories) create only a single article. It's easy to explain the issue inside a single article whereas two articles with a same title will create only confusion.

  • The overwhelming majority will be one-shot novels. A single story which is told and ended in a single book. Use "title" (novel).
Even if the novel was later re-published create only a single article (where you can and should show both covers).
Even if the novel was first published in a hardcover edition and then re-published in a paperback edition (or vice-versa), use "title" (novel). Example: Riders of the Dead (novel).
It is still a single story even if it was published in several editions and under different formats. If possible the article should show all the covers and describe the different editions.

  • Some stories are told in several volumes, creating a series of novels. You are advised to create a single article for the whole series. Please use "title" (novel series) (e.g. Gotrek & Felix (novel series)).

  • An omnibus edition is a larger book which collects several volumes into a single book. Sometimes it will include additional short-stories. Please DON'T create an article for an omnibus edition. It is easier to simply mention it inside a standard "title" (novel series) - article.

Note:It doesn't matter to be absolutely 100% accurate. It is better to keep it relatively easy and simple for an easier understanding.


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