Fishrook Returns

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Fishrook Returns
Fishrook Returns cover.jpg
Author(s) Clive Oldfield
Editor(s) Sine Quinn, Christopher Walz
Cover Artist Tom Ventre
Illustrator(s) Ryan Barger, Sam Manley, Tom Ventre
Released October 2020
Pages 19

Fishrook Returns is a adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


  • Adventure Summary, pg. 3
  • Getting Started, pg. 3
  • Background, pg. 4
  • Meet the Family, pg. 4
  • Meeting Gutele, pg. 6
  • The Victims, pg. .8
  • The Road to Sigmartempel, pg. 10
  • The Aftermath, pg. 17


An innocent coach is stopped on the road from Bögenhafen. A horse rears, a pistol is cocked, and a voice rings out: ‘Stand and deliver, your money or your life!’ Unfortunate, but hardly out of the ordinary — such wastrel bandits are known to plague the Empire’s highways. This, however, is no ordinary highwayman, but the legendary Fishrook. Known for his flamboyant mask, his dashing robberies, the swooning victims left in his wake and — of course — for being hanged over a century ago. Is there a pretender to the title of Fishrook, or has his grave spat up his handsome ghost?.

~ Adventure Summary.[1]