Heldenhammer (Novel)

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Author(s) Graham McNeill
Cover Artist Jon Sullivan
Released 2008
Followed by Empire

"Heldenhammer" redirects here. For the man so named, see Sigmar.

Heldenhammer is the first volume of the Sigmar Trilogy by Graham McNeill, and the inaugural novel of the Time of Legends series. It was published in 2008.

Cover Description

It is a time of legends. The lands of the old World are wild and untamed, where the primitive tribes of men struggle for survival. In this time of peril, by virtue of his valorous deeds, a young man claims leadership of the Unberogen tribe. His name is Sigmar Heldenhammer, and his actions will change history forever. This is the story of how Sigmar rose to power, culminating in the Battle of Black Fire Pass, where men and dwarfs fought against the vast hordes of orcs in their quest to safeguard the future of the Empire.