Battle of Black Fire Pass

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The Battle of Black Fire Pass occurred in IC -1 and was the culmination of Sigmar's campaign to rid the lands of men of the Orcs and Goblins.

The battle itself was fought between the 12 tribes of men (each of which would shortly after become a province of the Empire) with an allied contingent of Dwarfs against possibly the largest horde of Greenskins ever gathered. The allied forces gathered in Black Fire Pass, at the point where the pass was most narrow, thereby taking away the Greenskins' advantage in numbers. Sigmar showed immense personal bravery throughout the battle and slew not only the Orc Warlord but countless Greenskins with what is speculated to have been the power of Ulric infusing his body.

The victory at Black Fire Pass saw Sigmar's Empire created and the alliance between Men and Dwarfs solidified. It is therefore a pivotal event in the history of the World and arguably the most important battle to have ever took place in the Old World.