Battle of Black Fire Pass

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Battle of Black Fire Pass
Sigmar at Black Fire.jpg
Sigmar at Black Fire
Date -1 IC (Imperial Calendar)
Location Black Fire Pass
Outcome Total victory for humans and the Dwarfs
Dwarfs and humans Orcs & Goblins
Sigmar, Kurgan Ironbeard Bloodstorm

The Battle of Black Fire Pass The Battle of Black Fire Pass occurred in IC -1 and was the culmination of Sigmar's campaign to rid the lands of men of the Orcs and Goblins.

The battle itself was fought between the 12 tribes of men (each of which would shortly after become a province of the Empire) with an allied contingent of Dwarfs against possibly the largest horde of Greenskins ever gathered. The allied forces gathered in Black Fire Pass, at the point where the pass was most narrow, thereby taking away the Greenskins' advantage in numbers. Sigmar showed immense personal bravery throughout the battle and slew not only the Orc Warlord but countless Orcs with what is speculated to have been the power of Ulric infusing his body.

Road to Empire

Although during this period, the tribes of men had not united, Sigmar was forging links between them using diplomacy where possible and the sword when needed. He had noted the gathering numbers of orcs on the borders of the tribal lands as well as the size and frequency of their raids.. More and more greenskins were drawn to the area as he and the other tribal warlords fought hard to protect their own lands. The old enemy were uniting and Sigmar saw that the only way for mankind to survive was to unite but also call upon their new allies, the Dwarfs of the mountain holds. At the Battle of the Aver the two races came together and crushed the greenskins, those that survived fleeing to Black Fire Pass. [1a]

A New Threat

However the orcs began gathering again under a new warlord and at his camp near Nuln, High King Ironbeard asked Sigmar for his assistance in holding Black Fire Pass against the growing Ork horde. In response Sigmar was quick to gather his forces, holding a muster on Bloodmoss Plain in the already battered lands of the Merogens. The force gathered was mostly infantry, with the most powerful and well equipped warriors serving as the bodyguard of the tribal rulers, most of those that would fight would be in warbands often comprising family members. An exception to this were the Woad Warriors, berserkers who would go into battle naked save for their painted decorations, trusting to their god to protect them. [1a]



Sigmar formed his army at a narrow point in the pass, some miles wide - here he used a natural line of boulders to help anchor his shieldwall of warbands with stone throwers and archers deployed on a slight rise behind the main army. The ferocious but unpredictable berserkers, harpies, fire-breathers, head-throwers and other fanatics he deployed before the wall, At the centre was the cavalry, Sigmar with his own heavy armoured bodyguards, to his right the chariots of Queen Freya and lighter cavalry on the left. [1a]

In response the great orc army marched brutally through the pass to confront them, beating drums, roaring and snarling and as they came their catapults flung captured humans scouts, some still alive before them. About half a mile away, they halted as their warlord, mounted on a huge Wyvern settled on a crag to watch. [1a]

Berserkers Unleashed

Hundreds of frothing men and women surged forward to assault the greenskins, ignoring the line of cackling Goblin archers that moved out to unleash their arrows at them. Volley after volley failed to find any targets, the god or gods protecting their chosen warriors as they charged onwards. Seeing the relatively small forces of humans, many orcs could not be held back and charged to meet them, seeing the Ork line disrupted, Sigmar urged his cavalry forwards. [1a]

The Orcs and the Berserkers clashed heavily but it was the Orcs that were thrown back much to the surprise of the others greenskins and the joy of the watching men and dwarfs. Bloodstorm was not concerned, ordering the advance elements of his main army to crush the small force of humans now taking trophies from the dead whilst Sigmar now rode to join his cavalry. The chariots and cavalry smashed into the horde vanguard and smashed through before reforming to retreat behind the main allied lines. [1a]

The Grind

Pausing only to spit on their fallen in disgust, the Orks surged after the victorious chariots, cavalry and berserkers and smashed headlong into the shield wall of men and dwarfs beginning the brutal test of strength and will as the two armies pushed and hammered away at each other. Archers and artillery on both sides bombarded the lines with missiles whilst a large force wolf riders attempting to flank on the slopes were successfully countered by hidden archers and javelins. [1a]

Death of a King

On the other side of the valley, Slingers and war dogs of the Menogoths advanced on Goblin archers who were taking a heavy toll of their warriors, asking for reinforcements from Sigmar who joined them in person. In the brutal battle that followed, a goblin managed to throw dust in Sigmars eyes and he was only saved by King Marbad who in turn took an arrow to the neck and was killed, losing the legendary sword Ulfshard forever as his men charged after the now fleeing greenskills. [1a]

Wrathful, now Sigmar joined the main battle line smashing many orcs with Ghal Maraz and drawing the attention of the Ork Warboss who watched him slaying more and more of his best warriors. He landed before the human champion and the two clashed, hammer against axe as they roared their hatred at each other. It is said that during the fight, the handle slick with the blood of his foes, Sigmar lost his grip on the dwarven hammer but before Bloodstorm could take advantage he was overwhelmed by a wave of human warriors before being finished off by Sigmar. [1a]


The victory at Black Fire Pass saw Sigmar's Empire created and the alliance between Men and Dwarfs solidified. It is therefore a pivotal event in the history of the World and arguably the most important battle to have ever took place in the Old World. [1a]

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