Hell Rides to Hallt

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Hell Rides to Hallt
Hell Rides to Hallt cover.jpg
Author(s) Chris Handley, David Whitworth
Editor(s) Síne Quinn
Released 2020
Pages 23

An adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


  • Hell Rides to Hallt, pg. 3
  • Part 1: Highway to Hallt, pg. 6
  • Part 2: Rest Your Head, Weary Traveller, pg. 10
  • Part 3: Heads Will Roll, pg. 13
  • Part 4: A Head for Figures, pg. 15
  • Part 5: Hexensnacht, pg. 20


Only the damned and damnable fools ride out on Hexensnacht, as the turning of the year wakes the very dead, calling them up from unmarked graves and unhallowed resting places. The priests of Morr alone are safe, their lonely vigil a solitary ward against the restless dead. So which are you — fool, damned soul, or lonesome priest — to set about so close to Hexensnacht, with rumour and more of a headless rider claiming grim trophies across the land?

~ Hell Rides to Hallt.[1]