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Titles Lord of Death[3b]
Status Active
Type God
Domains Death[3b]
Relatives Verena (wife)
Myrmidia (daughter)
Shallya (daughter)
Khaine (brother)
Affiliation Empire
Followers Cult of Morr

Morr is the god of Death, the Dead, Dreams and Dreamers.[3b]


Morr is the god of death, the realm inhabited by the souls of dead. He is also the god of the dead, as he is responsible for protecting all souls of the dead and ensuring that they are guided safely to his darkly serene and serenely dark Shadowrealm.[1]

Morr is also the god of dreams, as the land of sleep is close to the realm of death. He is capable of weaving great and terrible dreams and illusions. Verena, his wife is said to have knowledge of all that is past while he is the master of dreams and of that which is yet to be.[1]

Morr has no special holy days and is only worshipped at funerals and on similar occasions but major festivals are held Gheimisnacht and Hexensnacht. [4b]

Cult of Morr

Although priests of Morr are found throughout the Old World wherever there are dead to be taken care of, his is not a religion which is practised widely. Most people pay homage to Morr during funerals and avoid his cult the rest of the time. He is worshipped mainly by the bereaved, who offer up prayers and sacrifices in the hope that their departed will reach his realm safely and prosper there.

There are shrines or temples to Morr in almost every town and city of the Old World. The cult is not centrally organised, and each local temple/funerary house is independent. The most senior temple is located in Luccini, Tilea, where a convocation is held every ten years and matters of religious doctrine are debated and decided upon.[4b]

Temples sit within Gardens of Morr, famous for their black roses that bloom throuhout the year. Invariably they are plain sturdy structures of dark stone, the entrance borad and topped with a hefty linten stone to represent the portal between the land of mortals and that of the Gods. Inside they are plain and empty, all equipment and even furniture usually kept in storage until needed. Shrines are often formed like a gateway - two pillars (often one is white, the other black) and a lintel. [4b]


He is the husband of Verena, and the father of Myrmidia and Shallya. His younger bother and sworn enemy is Khaine, Lord of Murder.[1]


Legends state that at the beginning of time, Ulric and Taal divided the world between them, fighting for the world of the living. Morr however stated he instead would take the then empty realm of the dead but was ignored until he began killing to populate his own domain. The other two deities then demanded he not tresspass in their world which he agreed to as long as they sent all the dead to him. [5a]

Relations with other gods and cults

Despite a certain rivalry with Ranald, in the end Death comes to all things and Morr counts the other cults and gods as his friends with the exception of his brother Khaine and anyone who prevents him from receiving souls that are rightfully his. His main enemies are necromancers and the cult of Khaine.


  • Observe all the rites of funeral and wake.[4b][5a]
  • Oppose necromancers, the followers of Khaine, and the Undead whenever and wherever they're encountered.[4b][5a]
  • Be respectful and considerate of the dead and their families.[4b]
  • Pay heed to your dreams. [5a]
  • At no time be part to the raising of the dead unless agreed by Morr. [4b][5a]


He is portrayed as a tall person of aristocratic bearing, with a detached, slightly brooding aspect. He may appear under the guise of a black raven, and common symbols are the raven, the scythe, the hourglass, the black rose, and the stone portal.[1][4b]


Listen, there is nothing to fear. Hexensnacht comes every year. We need only call on the Lord of Death to watch over us. So, come the midnight hour we cry MORR! MORR! MORR!

~ Father Wilhelm Abgott, Priest of Morr.[3a]


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