Liber Mutatis

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Liber Mutatis
Liber Mutatis cover.jpg
Released 2010
Pages 48
ISBN 978-1-58994-701-6

Liber Mutatis is a sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition) about the forces of Tzeentch.


  • Chapter One: The Changer of Ways
  • Chapter Two: Corruption and Mutation
  • Chapter Three: Corruption Rules
  • Chapter Four: The Minions of Change
  • Chapter Five: The Winds of Change


Open your eyes! You foolish people. Oh how the Great Schemer has caught you all up in his grand designs! Dare you think he had not plan for this? Foresee this? With my death, I fulfil my role in his most maleficent work. And you - yes you! - with my death, you have now fulfilled your role in his great plan as well!

~Cultist’s last words before being burned alive by a mob in Frederheim..