Middenheim: City of Chaos

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Middenheim: City of Chaos
Middenheim City of Chaos cover 001.jpg
Editor(s) Phil Gallagher
Cover Artist Ian Miller
Released 1998
Pages 96
ISBN 978-1-899749-12-8

Middenheim: City of Chaos is an extensive and comprehensive city source book and companion to Power behind the Throne for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition).


  • City of the White Wolf, pg. 4-5
  • The City of Middenheim, pg. 6-10
  • Religion and Worship, pg. 11-14
  • Politics of the City State, pg. 15-18
  • The Military and Middenheim’s Defences, pg. 19-21
  • The Long Arm of the Law, pg. 22-24
  • Hostelries and Accommodation, pg. 25-26
  • A Gazetteer of Middenheim, pg. 27-50
  • Encounters in Middenheim, pg. 51-57
  • Chaos Cults in Middenheim, pg. 58-62
  • The Undercity, pg. 63-69
  • Goods and Services, pg 70-72
  • Typical Building Plans, pg. 73-79
  • City of Adventures, pg. 80-83
  • The Powers that Be, pg 84-89
  • Snotball and other Pastimes, pg 90-91
  • Common knowledge, pg 92
  • The City Watch, pg 93
  • Area Map, pg 94
  • Gazetteer, pg 95


This will make a good place for a temple and on this rock shall grow a great fortress city, secure against all enemies. The fires in my temple here shall burn eternally, and men shall look here to find me, above all places in the world.