Old World Armoury

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Old World Armoury
Old World Armoury Cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Dave Gallagher
Released 2005
Pages 126
ISBN 978-1-84416-266-4

Old World Armoury is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) that provides extensive information on money, trade, weapons and armour as well as all manner of goods and possessions.


  • Introduction, pg. 3-5
  • Chapter One: Currency and Trade, pg. 6-14
  • Chapter Two: Old World Amour, pg. 16-26
  • Chapter Three: Arms of the Old World, pg.27-42
  • Chapter Four: Gunpowder and Weapons of War, pg. 43-50
  • Chapter Five: General Equipment, pg. 51-66
  • Chapter Six: Special Equipment, pg. 69-77
  • Chapter Seven: Animals and Transport, pg. 79-87
  • Chapter Eight: Property and Business, pg. 88-92
  • Chapter Nine: Hiring Characters, pg. 96-111
  • Chapter Ten: Treasures of the Old World, pg. 112-115
  • Appendix Reference Tables, pg. 116-126
  • Index


The crossbow may be more reliable, but nothing elicits fear like a pair of pistols. When you stare down those barrels, a few Marks in exchange for your life seems perfectly reasonable.

~ Tilmann, wayward Highwayman..