The Horned Rat (4th Edition)

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The Horned Rat (4th Edition)
The Horned Rat cover.jpg
Author(s) Dave Allen, Graeme Davis, Mac Dara Mac Donnacha, Chris Handley, Andy Law, Elaine Lithgow,

TS Luikart, Pádraig Murphy, Ciaran O’Brien, Clive Oldfield, Dylan Owen, Sine Quinn, Anthony Ragan, Simon Wileman

Editor(s) Sine Quinn
Cover Artist Ralph Horsley
Illustrator(s) Benoît Blary, Jonathan O’Donoghue, Anastasia Grintsova, Álvaro Jiménez Hernández, Ralph Horsley,

Pasi Juhola, Dániel Kovács, Josef Kucera, Yugin Maffioli, Sam Manley, Clara-Marie Morin, Scott Purdy

Released May 2021
Pages 159
Preceded by Power behind the Throne (4th Edition)
Followed by Empire in Ruins (4th Edition)

The Horned Rat is the fourth part of The Enemy Within Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


  • Introduction
  • Undercity Encounters
  • Purrsecution
  • Instigating Events
  • Initial Inquiries
  • The Ordo Impedimentae
  • The Great Defector
  • Ordo Terribils Resurgens
  • Missing Convenors
  • The Cover up
  • Mysterious Thefts
  • Assassinations
  • Proponents of Controversy
  • Encounters
  • The Black Hunger
  • The Stolen Village
  • Griffon Down
  • The Road East
  • The Picket
  • Into the Middle Mountains
  • Karak Skygg


By all accounts you handled yourselves well in last night’s attack, and after recent events my people are stretched thin. I have a list of investigations long as an Elven lifespan. Some I can’t spare the men for and others are in places where the sight of a uniform would cause trouble. Some dangerous work, I won’t lie, but you did well last night, and I can promise the payment will match the risk.

~ Watch Commander Schutzmann.[1]