Death on the Reik (4th Edition)

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Death on the Reik
Death on the Reik (4th Edition) cover.jpg
Author(s) Jim Bambra, Graeme Davis, Phil Gallagher, James Walli
Editor(s) Sine Quinn
Cover Artist Ralph Horsley
Illustrator(s) Ruxandra Andreea, Daniel Earls, Pasi Juhola, Josef Kucera, Victor Leza, Rachael Macken, Sam Manley, Clara-Marie Morin, JG O’Donoghue, Scott Purdy, Erin Rea, Ruslan Skifonich, Matteo Spirito, Giacomo Tappainer, Tom Ventre
Pages 162
Followed by Power behind the Throne (4th Edition)

Death on the Reik is the second part of The Enemy Within Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

It updates the third part of the original campaign.


  • Preface, pg. 3
  • Introduction, pg. 4
  • Bögenhafen to Altdorf, pg. 9
  • Altdorf to Kemperbad, pg. 24
  • Kemperbad to Black Peaks, pg. 39
  • Grissenwald to the Barren Hills, pg. 54
  • Unterbaum to Wittgendorf, pg. 64
  • Castle Wittgenstien, pg. 84
  • A Stop along the Way, pg. 125
  • Appendix I: Mentors and Training, pg. 140
  • Appendix II: Player Handouts, pg. 146
  • Appendic III: Maps, pg. 152


Along the way, the adventurers will travel the great rivers that are the arteries of trade and transportation throughout the Empire. They learn about commerce, and may become wealthy as traders. They’ll meet the people of the Empire in all their variety: urban and rural, common and noble, law-abiding and criminal, and all types in between. The fledgling adventurers who set out for Altdorf to seek their fortunes in Enemy in Shadows become seasoned and well-travelled veterans as they make their way through Death on the Reik.

~ Introduction.[1]