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A Dragon Man was an early form of Hand Gunner used by Lahmia in Nehekhara. [1a]

The elite of the Lahmian army in -1740 IC they were chosen for their strength of will and intelligence as they had to be able to safely handle the powder supplied by the alchemists of Cathay. [1b]


They were formed in smaller companies than the spearmen of the city. [1a]


They carried a Dragon Stave- a long pole, a third of which was hard wood capped at the end with a bulb of dark metal with the rest of its length unpolished bronze carved to resemble scales and ending in a learing fanged mouth. [1a]


King Lamasheptra negotiated a deal with the Celestial Empire of Cathay shortly after Nagash siezed the throne of Khemri in -1959 IC. Lahmia was required to supply ten tons of gold each year, for the next three hundred years with the sovereignty of the city itself as security. In exchange they would recieve arms and armour that equipped the legions of Cathay incuding the dragon powder and dragon-staves. The delivery took place over the next century. [2a]

King Lamashizzar brought 2000 Dragon Men with his army to the Siege of Mahrak and when he finally deployed them against Nagash they had a devestating effect, shattering the regiments of the dead and even seemingly slaying Nagash himself. [1b]