Inferno Magazine Issue 21

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Inferno Magazine Issue 21,
Inferno Magazine Issue 21 cover.jpg
Space Wolf
Editor(s) Marc Gascoigne
Cover Artist Paul Dainton
Illustrator(s) Jim Brady, Paul Dainton, John Gravato, Des Hanley, Adrian Smith,
Pages 66
Preceded by Inferno Magazine Issue 20
Followed by Inferno Magazine Issue 22

Inferno! magazine issue Twenty Two has stories and art from across the Warhammer multiverse.


  • Red Rain by Dan Abnett: The Agricultural world of Ceres is blighted by the taint of Chaos and Inquisitor Mabuse thinks he has found the source.
  • Tales from the Ten Tailed Cat by Gordon Rennie: The Scribe's Tale.
  • The Sound Which Wakes You: by Ben Chessel: When the Tyranny of the local baron becomes too much for young Tomas, he and his fellow villages decide to do something about it.
  • Mama's Boys by Jonathan Green: Mama Kaynn and her gang are the meanest sump-suckers in Sulpher Creek and its up too Nathan Creed to bring them down.
  • Son and Heir by Ian Winterton: A foul master of the black arts fulfills his vendetta against a Bretonnian nobleman.
  • Portrait of my Undying Lady by Gordon Rennie: Destined to live for all eternity, a beautiful Lahmian Vampire offers Giovanni Gottio a commission he can't refuse.