Marshes of Madness

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The Marshes of Madness (also known as the Sinking Marshes of KhernarchNeeds Citation) are a region of swamps, bogs, and marshes occupying much of the Badlands.Needs Citation


It lies between and is fed by the Blind River to the north and the Blighted River to the south. Populated by Boglars and other Greenskins, and the Undead.Needs Citation


Further information: Mourkain, Strigoi, and Strigoi Ghoul King

It was part of the civilization of the Strigoi, who ruled from Mourkain, and hence the birthplace of the Strigany peoples. It was ruled by Nehekhara before that.Needs Citation

Notable Features

Warhammer Online

The forces of Order and Destruction battle each other and the environment across the Marshes, forces led by the Dwarfs and Greenskins respectively.Needs Citation


Conflicting sources

Sources differ on whether the city of Mourkain is inside the Marshes or located further to the north, as well as if the Marshes were the heartland of the Strigos’ empire or merely an early addition.Needs Citation