Player's Guide

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Player's Guide
Players Guide cover.JPG
Cover Artist Daarken
Released 2010
Pages 302

The Player's Guide is a Supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition).


  • Welcome to Warhammer Fantasy
  • Chapter One: Characteristics & Abilities
  • Chapter Two: Player Character Races
  • Chapter Three: Character Creation
  • Chapter Four: Experience and Advancement
  • Chapter Five: Playing the Game
  • Chapter Six: Actions & Manoeuvres
  • Chapter Seven: Modes of Play
  • Chapter Eight: Combat, Damage and Healing
  • Chapter Nine: Conditions & Effects
  • Chapter Ten: Economy & Equipment
  • Chapter Eleven: Magic Rules
  • Chapter Twelve: Divine Rules
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Empire
  • Chapter Fourteen: WFRP lite
  • Appendices
  • A Ratcatchers Tale
  • Index


Aye, training is quite valuable, lad. These Reiklanders don’t appreciate how important it is to train long n’ hard. After just a few hours of sparring, they’re already winded and gaspin’ fer breath! How they ever wage war is beyond me.

Gurni Thorgrimson, Dwarf Troll Slayer.