Simius Gantt

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Simius Gantt, the Crow Master was a Necromancer in Mordheim.[1a]


A well regarded scientist and surgeon in Altdorf, when he heard of the comet striking the city of Mordheim he journeyed to the now ruined settlement and set up a surgery on its outskirts. Many flocked to him, desperate for aid and in seemingly endless numbers so that more and more he questioned his ability and reasons for staying. [1a]

One day an injured Warlock staggered in, badly wounded and although Simius tried to save him, the man died. Searching his possessions for some kind of recompense for his efforts, the surgeon found a book written in blood which detailed the arts of Necromancy. Whilst Simius continued his work of mercy by day, by night he studied the strange arcane rites in the book, practising his new passion on those who did not survive his doctoring. Eventually he shed his old life and walked into the city having destroyed the makeshift surgery. [1a]


He is a powerful necromancer. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

He carries a staff and uses his needle and thread to sew up the mouths of stunned enemies. Simius also wears the Mantle of Crows that draws the carrion birds and which has given him his nick-name. [1a]


As a Dramatius Persona in the Mordheim game he can be hired a number of Warbands.