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Skaranorak was a Dragon Ogre slain by Sigmar. [1a]


The dragon-like lower body was hugely muscled and rust-coloured with great reverse-jointed legs ending in yellowed talons whilst a long serpentine tail trailed behind it, iron spikes hammered through the tip. The upper half resembled that of a powerful man with great chains hanging from his wrists and pierced with rings and spikes. The great chest was marked with malign tattoos, the human-like face disfigured by tusks and a smashed nose. [1b]


It was given the name Skaranorak by the Dwarfs whose Slayers drove it from the mountains and down into the land of the Brigundians. It laid waste to a number of settlements and hunting parties dispatched to kill it did not return with the last such expedition being led the son of King Siggurd. [1a]

When Sigmar came to Siggurd seeking an alliance, the king of the Brigundians told him he would join his growing Empire if he slew the Dragon Ogre. [1a] Sigmar tracked it to its lair and fought it there although he was nearly overwhelmed by its brutal power and had to climb a rocky spire. He launched himself from it, landing on its shoulder and smashing Ghal Maraz against its skull, killing the monster. [1b]

Sigmar took its tusks and a length of its hide as proof of his victory. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

A massive double-bladed axe. [1b]