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Siggurd was the king of the Brigundians in the time of Sigmar [1a] and later a Vampire. [2a]


A impressive man with the bearing of a warrior but also eyes full of cunning. [1a]


His son led a hunting party seeking Skaranorak but did not return, [1a] Sigmar found his ring in the lair of the beast and returned it to his father. [1b]


He recieved Sigmar who had travelled alone into his lands and who sought to bring him into his alliance of the tribes of humanity. After the king of the Unberogens pledged to honour any calls for aid, Siggurd asked him to slay the Dragon Ogre Skaranorak who was plaguing his lands and offered that not only his tribe but also the Menogoths and the Merogens would join if Sigmar did so. [1a]

As Sigmar approached the lair, Siggurd and his warriors camped in the ruins of Kraelheim and were overjoyed when he returned bearing the tusks and length of skin as proof he had slain the monster. A week later, the four kings swore an oath over the tusks of Skaranorak. For his journey home, Siggurd gave Sigmar a powerful roan horse to ride and had his craftsmen create a cloak from the skin that could turn aside even the most powerful of sword strikes. [1b]

After the Ostagoths, Menogoths and Merogens were saved from an initial greenskin invasion, he hosted a meeting of the tribal rulers for a council of war as the greater mass of the Orcs & Goblins were still gathering east of Black Fire Pass. [1c]

His city, Siggurdheim was besieged by the undead of Nagash and taken in a mere couple of days, only 12 escaping from a population of nearly 8000, Siggurd himself being turned into a vampire by Khaled al-Muntasir. [2a]



Altruism is all very well, King Sigmar, but it is the nature of man to serve himself. Even when one man helps another, it is usually in the hope that he will recieve some reward.

~ Siggurd to Sigmar. [1a]


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