Terror of the Lichemaster

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Terror of the Lichemaster
Terror of the Lichemaster 2 Cover.JPG
Released 2010
Pages 48
ISBN 978-1-58994-701-6

Terror of the Lichemaster is a sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (2nd Edition) about the return of Heinrich Kemler, also known as the Lichemaster.


  • Frugelhorn Valley
  • The Terror of the Lichmaster
  • Gimbrin's Mine
  • Battle 1: The Assault on the Mine
  • Bogels Farm
  • Battle 2: The Attack on Bogels Farm
  • Frugelhofen Village
  • Battle 3: The Defence of Frugelhofen
  • Statistics for Warhammer Buildings
  • Assembling your Card Models


During a night-storm as black as hate and loud as agony, the power of an irresistable evill was released upon an isolated people. The Terror of the Lichemaster had begun



This pack also includes the infamous Krell, undead champion as well as the Elf adventurer Riolta Snow who also appears in the The Magnificent Sven