The Power Behind The Throne (Supplement)

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The Power Behind The Throne
The Power Behind The Throne.jpg
Author(s) Carl Sargent
Cover Artist Les Edwards
Illustrator(s) Martin McKenna, Russ Nicholson, Paul Bonner, Tony Hough
Released 1988
Pages 118
ISBN 1-869893-43-3
Preceded by Death On The Reik (Supplement)
Followed by Something Rotten in Kislev (Supplement)

The Power Behind The Throne (Supplement) is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition). It is the fourth Book in The Enemy Within Campaign. The adventurers travels to the Middenheim.


  • Power Behind the Throne
  • Starting the Adventure
  • The Carnival
  • Making Enquiries
  • The Powers That Be
  • People and Events
  • Experience Points and Conclusion