Death On The Reik (Supplement)

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Death On The Reik
Death On The Reik.jpg
Author(s) Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher, Graeme Davis
Cover Artist Ian Muller
Illustrator(s) Martin McKenna
Released 1987
Pages 133
ISBN 1-869893-59-X
Preceded by Shadows Over Bogenhafen (Supplement)
Followed by The Power Behind The Throne (Supplement)

Death On The Reik (Supplement) is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition). It is a third Book in The Enemy Within Campaign. There adventurers travels the river of Reik and clashes with the cultists of The Cult of the Purple Hand and the Red Crown.


  • Death on the Reik
  • The Cult of the Purple Hand
  • Rumours and Imperial Events
  • Messing About on the River
  • Weissbruck
  • Off to See Wizard!
  • The Scheme of the Red Crown
  • Up the Reik
  • Kemperbad
  • The Barren Hills
  • Castle Wittgenstein
  • River Life of the Empire