Vampire Counts magic items

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Magic weapons

Name Notes Sources
Sword of Kings This ancient blade, wielded by the Wight Kings, leaves few enemies alive.\ Battlerepoter Blog- Wight King
Skabscrath The legendary blade of the Undead mercenary, Ennio Mordim; Skabscrath flickers with pale flame. A blade so potent it cannot be sheathed without first taking a life, Skabscrath is possessed of an evil sentience that drives the wielder to ever darker acts. Some claim the blade is more steeped in evil than any Vampire, for it will betray its wielder if its bloodlust is not sated. When unsheathed, Skabscrath emits the terrible screams of all those it has slain, amplified to such a degree that it can cause those who hear them to die off right. Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts (8th Edition), pg. 62

Magic Armour

Name Notes Sources
NightShroud Ensorcelled in pitch darkness in the heart of Castle Drachenfels, the Nightshroud owes more to the otherworld than to reality. Originally fashioned from the death-raiments of King Pharatohep, the Nightshroud has since been soaked in the blood of sorcerers and witches. The aura of gloom that clings to it is so strong it can physically manifest, lashing out with shadowy tendrils that grapple with all those who would strike the wearer. Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts (8th Edition), pg. 62
The Accursed Armour The enchantments laid on this armour literally harden the flesh or, in case of the Wight Kings, bones of the wearer. Those enchantments also slow the enemy reflexes, turning a skillful warrior into a drugged peasant in a blink of an eye. Battlerepoter Blog- Wight King
Enchanted Shield The sorcery inside makes this shield a lot tougher than any normal shield would be. Battlerepoter Blog- Wight King


Name Notes Sources
The Crown of the Damned This crown sustains powerful wards around the wearer, protecting him from harm. However, this crown also weakens the bearer's intelligence, and weak-willed individuals will find themselves trudging forward with no further thoughts. Battlerepoter Blog- Wight King
The Gem of Blood Should the wearer ever be about to receive a mortal blow, this gem will shatter, the released power sending the blow back towards the attacker. Battlerepoter Blog- Wight King

Enchanted Items

Name Notes Sources
Crown of Command This crown is powerful enough to spread the wearer's martial skill to everyone around him (her, in case of Lahmians), turning clumsy Skeletons into extremely skillful combatants.* DakkaDakka Forum
Nightshroud The dark cloud around the wearer freezes the time around him, stilling the enemy's reactions to that of Spirit Host.* DakkaDakka Forum

Magic Banners

Name Notes Sources
Banner of the Dead Legion This banner, used by the Skeletons, creates an illusion of a Skeleton for every existing warrior, making the enemies think that the opposing unit is twice as big as it really is, having an adverse effect on their morale. Battlereporter Blog- Skeletons
The Banner of the Endless Nightmare This banner heightens the enemy's caution and doubt, making them more aware of the size of a banner-wielding Skeletons, decreasing their bravery and bringing them closer to fleeing from the combat. Battlereporter Blog- Skeletons
The Screaming Banner This banner, a favourite of Black Knights, emits a truly hideous howl, contributing enormously to their already terrifying appearance. Battlereporter Forum
Banner of Balefire The power of this banner creates a ring of flame around the unit's weapons, scorching enemy flesh and creating an unhealable wound. Battlereporter Blog- Blood Knights
The Drakenhof Banner This banner, bearing the image of the main Sylvanian castle on its cloth, regrows flesh and re-connects bone after seemingly mortal wounds. Battlereporter Blog- Blood Knights
The Banner of Hate A well-named banner infecting everyone around with a maniacal hate towards their enemy, increasing their determination and combat prowess many times over. Battlereporter Blog- Blood Knights